The Gordon Charter Foundation was founded in November 2009 as The Charter Foundation. The name of the Foundation was recently changed to differentiate it from other foundations and schools with the name Charter.

Grantmaking and Application Process

The Gordon Charter Foundation has guidelines for making grants to worthy charities. Please read and understand these guidelines prior to filling out an eligibility quiz. Please read the Grant Application Process to understand it better and see if you qualify. Organizations who qualify and wishing to apply for a grant must follow the process as outlined below, submitting all information and forms through our online application portal which will be sent if you pass the Eligibility Quiz.



Grant Application Process

1. The first step will be to fill out an Eligibility Quiz. Dependent on your answers to the eligibility quiz, you will be sent an email with either a link to complete a full grant application, or notice that you are not eligible to apply at this time.


2. Eligible applicants will be sent a link inviting you to fill out a grant application. Your same login credentials used to complete the eligibility quiz will be used to access the grant application. All applications must be accompanied by four uploaded documents and a workbook that must be filled in and uploaded into the application portal . Download our financial Workbook Here, and complete both worksheets and upload in the application portal when completed.


3. Applicants selected to receive grants will be asked to confirm receipt of the funds received, through their acknowldgement portal. You will be asked to verify that your tax status remains unchanged, and you will be able to attach your formal acknowledgment letter, which would have been mailed, when logging into the Acknowledgment Portal with your same login credentials.


4. All applicants receiving grants will be asked to provide a progress report when the funds are used, how they were used, their impact, and changes experienced, no later than one year after receipt of a grant. This will be done only through the Progress Report Portal, which you can access with your same login credentials.